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Shall I go back to university? Oncology massage and cancer massage training gets academic?

Shall I go back to university? Oncology massage and cancer massage training gets academic?



I do love a good bit of learning  - it isn’t always the best thing for me but I always enjoy it. I am thinking of a return to university – what do you think? I have been invited to apply for a course run by the business school at my local university. It is very well regarded and I am tempted. The downside will always be the time commitment.  I might not be accepted, apparently the process is very competitive – I might not have the luxury of deciding.
I have also been offered the chance to work with the university to create an academic qualification for health care professionals. It would mean that appearance related side-effects of treatment for cancer would be on the syllabus.  Now, that does excite me - I know, I really do need to get out more – maybe the being a student again is just what I need.
If you would like to do some learning, you are very welcome to join us on any of our courses – the list is below.
Our reflexology for cancer patients courses are few and far between but there is one in Manchester on 29th September. Katie would love to see you there. This is the only reflexology course planned for this year. The next one is likely to be in Manchester again, possibly late spring. We will be using the sleep ritual foot soak on this course – quite possibly its first outing in its gorgeous new packaging. In celebration, we will be giving all students on this course a 200g foot soak. I have to warn you not to use it in the morning, unless you want a nap (hhhmmm, maybe we shouldn’t use it during the course….).
I am all set for the new FHT course on Saturday. The group seem lovely and I am excited about the content (yes, I was right, I do need to get out more). I will report back next week.
In the meantime,
Sending relaxing soaks



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"We were immediately impressed with Jennifer's product range and the research behind it. Her products have produced some exceptional results and that fits with Ragdale Hall's own philosophy of offering our guests the highest quality experience we can. Jennifer herself will be directly involved in training our therapists in how to use the products to maximise results, which we believe will make our team one of the best in the country for this specific type of treatment."

Oncology Massage
London 5 November (1 places remaining)
Glasgow 10 October
Leicester 15 October
Manchester 13 November
Leeds 14 January

Manchester 29 September
Hand Nail & Foot
Manchester 16 October 

Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Olympia Beauty 1-2 October, London.

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