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Jennifer Young's oncology massage treatments bring back your "glow"

Oncology massage treatments bring back your "glow"

Angie, a massage therapist trained in Jennifer Young's oncology massage treatments, met with one of her training case studies, Helen to provide her with a nourishing oncology massage ahead of an upcoming operation. Helen was feeling very low when she met with Angie, and like she had lost touch with who she was before her cancer diagnosis.

“Helen is a 45 year old client who, before diagnosis, lived a very busy life with having four children and working full time. Helen has suffered with lower back pain for years and has had occasional massages to relieve pain. In January 2017, Helen became aware of pain in her back and kidneys. After some tests, Helen was diagnosed with kidney cancer in March. Helen has a 7cm tumour on her right kidney and is due to have surgery to remove this in June, therefore I am proposing to do her first massage treatment today, and will suggest a further massage treatment a couple days before surgery - as Helen will have 4-6 weeks recovery after her surgery and therefore would not be able to benefit from massage therapy until after full recovery. Helen has asked me to avoid the right side of her back (kidney area) as this causes some discomfort and she has difficulty lying on her back for long periods, therefore I will adapt the pressure of massage to the right side of her back and will provide a bolster cushion under the knees when lying on her back, as well as extra pillows under her head and shoulder to provide an incline for maximum comfort. Pressure and comfort will be checked throughout."


Helen’s main reasons for wanting to be a case study for Lois' oncology massage course training were because she wanted to de-stress, relieve tension in her shoulders and tension headaches she had been experiencing, as well as feel that she was in a safe and accepting environment.


Her skin had become less vibrant, with Helen explaining to Lois that she felt like she had “no glow”, and that her eyes had lost their sparkle. Since her diagnosis, Helen told Angie that she had neglected her skin due to stress, and wanted to nourish and pamper it to bring back the "glow" she felt had gone.


Helen told her therapist that she just wanted to:

“feel normal and not think about having cancer or an operation in the next week, I'm feeling very stressed”


Therapist Angie provided Helen with a deeply nourishing and relaxing full body oncology massage treatment, adapted for her unique requirements, and both Angie and Helen noticed an improvement in Helen's skin after one treatment. With continued use of the Defiant Beauty products and pampering oncology massages, Helen has been able to bring back the "glow" she had previously lost, and feel confident again.




Contact us to find out more about how you can help people like Helen enjoy relaxing and nourishing cancer massage treatments. Discover our range of Defiant Beauty products, or view our full list of postgraduate oncology courses.




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