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Oncology massage therapy helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem

Oncology massage therapy helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and
low self-esteem

“The most important aspect for me was the reduction in anxiety and stress, and feeling more relaxed and comfortable about my body issues throughout the oncology massage treatment. The range of Defiant Beauty products have made a great difference to the appearance of my skin too."

Cancer treatment had left Laura, 48, from Glasgow with poor mobility, lower back, hip and knee pain, as well as anxiety and depression. Laura had also experienced weight gain since her diagnosis and treatment. She felt that her quality of life was much reduced by constant pain, as well as her poor body image and low self-esteem. Because of all this, Laura was understandably concerned about helping Jennifer Young cancer massage-trained therapist Ellie by being her case study.


Ellie reassured Laura that an oncology massage would be beneficial to both her emotional and physical concerns. Awareness of client concerns and effective management is central to the Jennifer Young cancer massage courses. Laura’s concerns are not unusual. Ellie had already practiced working with clients like Laura during her qualification training. Laura was greatly reassured when Ellie explained the non-invasive nature of the cancer massage which would help Laura to relax, feel comfortable and safe during the oncology massage treatment. They both hoped that it would help to alleviate the physical problems which had long been affecting Laura’s mobility and health.


Ellie adapted the cancer massage routine and used her learning from her oncology massage course training to make sure that her client was fully comfortable. Laura was also given more time to undress and dress so that she didn’t feel rushed, anxious or stressed.


Thanks to the wonderful care of her therapist, Laura experienced greatly reduced lower back and hip pain and improved sleep. She also experienced an increase in positive mood and reduced anxiety, all continually improving with each treatment.


As the weekly treatments continued, Laura rated the pain she had been experiencing in her knee as less and less of a problem until it was no longer causing her discomfort. She also began to regain her confidence and increase her positivity towards her own body image.



Contact us to find out more about the Jennifer Young Training School. Alternatively, view our postgraduate oncology massage courses, or shop the Defiant Beauty product range.




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