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Oncology massage "is a powerful tool" for those affected by cancer

Oncology massage "is a powerful tool" for those affected by cancer

Jennifer Young oncology massage treatments offer time for those affected by cancer to relax and nourish their bodies. We know that clients have alot on their mind, so we want each one of you to have an opportunity to relax and unwind in a safe, understanding environment with a therapist who can provide you with a soothing oncology massage treatment. Therapist Abby shared her experience of providing a nourishing oncology massage to one of her case studies, Louisa..

"Louisa was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and had a range of treatments to help her fight it. Louisa was given a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. It has now been 2 years since the final check was given and she was given the all clear. She has been put on medication which she must take for the next 5 years. Unfortunately, the tablets do have some side effects such as a constant cold, very thin sensitive skin, increased sensitivity, enlarged veins, and fatigue amongst other things. Due to these side effects, when I first met Louisa, her mood was fairly low and I could see the physical effects of fatigue on her body. When discussing the treatment with Louisa, I could see her nervousness about having a massage."


Louisa was anxious about having a specialist oncology massage because of the side effects she was already experiencing from treatments. She was concerned that it would have a negative impact on her already sensitive skin, but Abby used her knowledge from the oncology course training she did, with the Jennifer Young Training School, to provide Louisa with an intuitive, soothing treatment, avoiding areas that were too sensitive and paying extra attention where Louisa needed it.

"Due to the increased sensitivity some areas were too sore to touch, e.g. Louisa's arms. Avoiding her arms would stop her worrying about me going near them and help her switch off. Louisa needed gentle relaxation to help her switch off and increase her chances of sleeping well at night. Louisa was also full of cold and struggled breathing when facing down. This meant she tensed her back up and couldn’t enjoy the treatment initially. After discussing options with Louisa we decided that her lying on her side with a pregnancy pillow would be most comfortable for her, this meant she could breathe better and enjoy the treatment. Louisa’s feet had water retention and poor circulation which meant a longer massage on them felt soothing and helped boost the circulation. I increased the temperature in the room as Louisa suffers with constantly being cold. For her 2nd treatment, knowing this, I used a small hot water bottle on top of the towels to help warm her up and relax her muscles.”


Abby adapted the specialist oncology massage to provide optimal comfort and relaxation for Louisa during her oncology massage treatment. 

“The second time Louisa seemed more relaxed and the moves flowed without her feeling tense. Reflecting on the treatment it was important to adapt the massage to Louisa’s needs. Being comfortable is crucial to aid relaxation. Having gained her trust with the first massage I really wanted to help give her a pick-me-up and boost her mood. Cancer affects the whole well being of a person and for Louisa, she always feels under the weather, coldy and flat mood-wise. Massage is a powerful tool to help her have an hour where she forgets all of that and feels relaxed.”



Find out how you can help those affected by cancer, view our postgraduate oncology massage courses, or contact us for more information.

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