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Up to 50% of cancer patients have difficulty sleeping

Up to 50% of cancer patients have difficulty sleeping……and half term adventures



It is no surprise that up to 50% of cancer patients find it hard to sleep – they have a lot going on, emotionally and physically. Sleep is a great healer and one of my favourite pastimes.  I realise that regular readers of this newsletter might not agree. When I meet ‘readers’ they seem to think that my life is a whirlwind – it is but I do get plenty of zzzzzz’s.
It makes me sad when others don’t sleep (not as sad as when I don’t sleep, I am altruistic but not that altruistic); essential oils are very powerful and I am an aroma therapist and product formulator.  I set to work.
The Sleep Ritual Body Oil and the Sleep Ritual Foot Soak are not new to us; we have been using them in massage for cancer patients and offering them from the webshop for about a year. With time, I am hearing more and more sleep ritual bedtime stories. A few weeks ago I met a couple that, earlier this year, had suffered great trauma. Neither had slept properly since. I sent them some Sleep Ritual products. I saw them again yesterday and they were changed, they were glowing and well and full of energy. It was a delight. They told me that the sleep ritual oil changed everything for them. They were traumatised and sleep deprived, now they are sleeping and in a better place to cope with and process their feelings. It was a delight to see. These lovely folk hadn’t had a treatment, they had just used the Sleep Ritual Body Oil.
Our trained massage for cancer-trained therapists might want to try using the Sleep Ritual Body Oil as massage oil. It works wonders. I had to stop using it as it made me oversleep. I rarely set an alarm, I am an early bird but not after I have used Sleep RitualThe foot soak is equally powerful as it contains Magnesium, a powerful relaxant.
I will be in need of my Sleep Ritual as I hurtle towards half term. I am off to Paris for a party at the British Embassy - they call it a reception as the Ambassador is hosting) but it is a party. Remember the one at the British Embassy in Prague? I am not wearing those shoes again.
It has been a varied time since our return from the summer. I have done a few miles (I write from a train) and been to some beautiful places. It is time to take a week (ok, a part week), sit back and soak my feet…….maybe I will wear those shoes after all.
I’ll let you know, if not next week (I might have a half term week off writing) the week after.
Sending R&R


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