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No voices, new facials for cancer patients, and apologies

No voices, new facials for cancer patients, and apologies


Having no voice makes it difficult to deliver exhibition talks – I am so sorry if you had planned to come and listen to me in London or Manchester last weekend. I quite literally had no voice (and I felt really quite ill).  I am back on form now and headed off to the Netherlands on a University hunt. I’ll report back next week. We are staying close to Amsterdam and travelling to visit three universities. I will become the master of Dutch public transport (here’s hoping).
I have been using my downtime well – a lot of it was spent in bed coughing but some has been devoted to a new course and to the creation of the Holistic Trinity – a two-day facials course featuring our newly developed Post-Graduate Diploma in ‘Essential Crystal Scalp and Facial Therapy’. The new course will introduce new skincare for cancer patients’ products which channel the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. The Well-Being Beauty Collections are so popular that we have decided to expand the range. The range hasn’t been unveiled yet …. we love it and suspect you will too.
Our first Holistic Trinity is in Manchester 5-6 March – please join us there, or in London 13-14 May.
Oscar and I have been planning our course dates for 2018. You can see the new dates below. Some of the 2017 dates have been moved to accommodate demand from other areas.
The FHT CPD course ‘cancer awareness for beauty and holistic therapists’ in York on 3rd December 2017 had, last time I looked, 5 places left. I don’t plan another UK date for this course before late Spring/early summer 2018. We are unable to take bookings for this course – please contact FHT if you would like to join us.
I have a flight to catch so can’t linger. You know me (and flights); full concentration is required.
Sending safe travels



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Oncology massage with Jennifer Young-trained therapists- your dignity is our priority

Just wanted to say thank you for fitting me on the Cancer Awareness day with Jennifer Young yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Jennifer delivered the course really well, it was so nice to interact and meet other therapists who offer a whole range of therapies. I loved how Jennifer structured the course and got us all involved especially knowing how to adapt to the client when we do treatments, medical devices that we may encounter with the patients, the main treatments for cancer and their side effects both physically and emotionally.

I've been volunteering on an oncology ward at XXX Hospital, (location removed) for over 3 years delivering hand or foot massage to the patients on the ward, this course has made me become a lot more knowledgeable with what my patients are going through and how they are benefiting from having these complementary treatments and the language of cancer. The course was so fascinating I could of carried on learning and I felt that one day was just not enough.

Oncology Massage
London 5 November Fully Booked
Glasgow 10 October 1 place remaining
Leicester 15 October
Manchester 13 November
London 15 January
Manchester 5 February
Leicester 2 March
London 4 March
Leeds 4 May

Manchester 9 April
Hand Nail & Foot
Manchester 16 October 

London 25 February

The Holistic Trinity 

Manchester 5 March 

London 13 May

Face & Body Treatments

Newcastle 28 & 29  November
Birmingham 18 & 19 January
Chelmsford 18 & 19 January
Edinburgh 22 & 23 March
Birmingham 9 & 10 April
Edinburgh 21 & 22 June
Edinburgh 20 & 21 September

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