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Well, I may have had time off writing but it wasn’t a week off.

Tis the season…..birthdays and new gifts for cancer patients

Well, I may have had time off writing but it wasn’t a week off. The hunt for universities continued, this time in the UK, I partied at the Ambassadors Residence in Paris and birthday season started.
We have had one birthday sleepover party (for our youngest). Our eldest is 18 on Saturday and we are both celebrating. ‘THE’ party starts at 1900, by which time family and friends, who I have invited for fizz and cake, are expected to have departed.
The main event crept up on us
‘Mum, can I have a party?’
‘Mum, can I invite a few more people?’
‘Mum, I’ve invited 70 people and they have all said ‘yes’’
I can’t complain, I invited family and others who have watched my daughter grow (parents of school friends, neighbours). I thought I needed cake for about 30. I was wrong. I’m baking for 65. I can see where my daughter gets it from.
I need a gazebo (and someone to put it up).
When not baking I am working on our new facials for cancer patients courses and waiting for our new gift boxes. As soon as they arrive, we will have seasonal gifts for cancer patients on the website.
Emma and Rosie are both leaving this week. Emma today and Rosie on Friday. Oscar, Paige and I will be here. We have new folk starting as soon as we catch our breath from the handover.
Our next facials for cancer patients course is in Manchester on 24th November 2017. Please join us – we don’t usually offer courses in December so it will be the last before Spring 2018.
Sending space and cake


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Jennifer Young's Oncology massage therapy helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem


The reason for my writing is to say thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable day. I was hugely impressed by your professionalism and confidence is delivering the training. I learnt enormously from you and am most grateful to have been your student. You answered our questions with patience and kindness and nothing seemed too much trouble. Your lovely personality added to the enjoyment of the day. 

Oncology Massage
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Manchester 13 November
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Manchester 9 April
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Holistic Facials
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