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Charity cancer massage referrals to our Scottish therapists, fast track courses and learning patience

Charity cancer massage referrals to our Scottish therapists, fast track courses and learning patience

I did it, I was inspired for two hours and educated for two days. I had a great time on my business for leaders course and am happy to return in December for another two days. I was given lots of models and tools to analyse the business and plan for the future and I will be coached through making changes. It is fabulous to have some support and guidance but the best thing about the course was meeting new people. The learners are all leaders of innovative businesses in my region. All of them from much larger organisations than mine. It’s a great challenge for me and we all know I like a challenge.
I love it when we can all work together to encourage and stretch. I am fortunate enough to have been asked to speak twice at the FHT Training Congress at the NEC next year (I will be on the holistic stage and possibly another stage as well – all day talking).
 I am speaking about marketing and how to liaise with medical professionals for FHT. I will try to find a way to include some kind of workshop activities. If you have ideas or preferences, please get in touch.
 One of our lovely cancer charity friends is very keen on collaboration and has asked for details of all of our qualified therapists in Scotland. They want to recommend them to their patients. Contact us if you would like to be included in their referral list, we will start compiling it later this week.
 Our first course in Newcastle Upon Tyne starts next week, and our new Edinburgh  and Chelmsford centres won’t be far behind.  Our fast track courses (4 separate post-graduate diplomas) are very popular – please book your place as they are limited.

Our 2017 courses are coming to a close. It is time to start looking forwards, good job I have just been given the planning tools. All of that learning comes in handy.
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Oncology massage "is a powerful tool" for those affected by cancerI’ve received my order, thank you – very,very pleased!
I am actually 9 years’ post chemo but have suffered from dry itchy sore skin since then, trying virtually every oil, cream and lotion available – I won’t even think about how much I have spent!
I had a nasty little fast growing tumour. I am still here, so I don’t want to use or eat anything that might causes concern.
Your products are wonderful – no itching or irritation after using them - thank you!

Oncology Massage
London 15 January
Manchester 5 February
Leicester 2 March
London 4 March
Leeds 4 May

Manchester 9 April
Hand Nail & Foot

London 25 February
Holistic Facials
Manchester 24 November (one place remaining but Oscar says you have to be quick and he would really rather not book anyone else on it......)

The Holistic Trinity 
Manchester 5 March 
London 13 May

Face & Body Treatments

Newcastle 28 & 29  November (2 places remain)
Birmingham 18 & 19 January
Chelmsford 18 & 19 January
Edinburgh 22 & 23 March
Birmingham 9 & 10 April
Edinburgh 21 & 22 June
Edinburgh 20 & 21 September

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