Oncology massage courses and specialist skincare for cancer patients in UK and Australia

I nearly forgot!!! Oncology massage courses and specialist skincare for cancer patients in UK and Australia

I have been writing a weekly newsletter for nearly a year. Often, my week hangs around it, as it is my one work constant. Today, I very nearly forgot all about it – unheard of!
It might be because my 0530 unplanned alarm call (my very loud dog) resulted in my sitting on a trampoline in our front garden, sporting an unspeakably unsightly dressing gown, watching said dog eat grass and throw up in the stomach churning way that only dogs can. Oh the glamour – thankfully our garden has high hedges and isn’t overlooked.
Or it might be because Emma (office manager), Rosie (production manager), Paige (admin & dispatch), Jo (the boss) and the other two people (Cameron and Lisa) who we call upon in a dispatch emergency, are ALL on holiday. Oscar and I are doing everyone’s job, except our own. 
We have Lauren with us. Lauren is an intern working on one specific project for three weeks. I feel unable to distract her from that purpose to wrap and pack skincare orders, so I have been doing it, along with Oscar. We’re both a bit rubbish at it – we won’t be at all surprised if some unsuspecting folk have their order sent out twice. This week is probably a good time to order – you never know what will turn up unexpectedly.
It’s not all retching and packing. We received a very exciting delivery today – some raw chocolate to replenish the stocks – we sell the best raw chocolate in the world. I know as I have tried it all.
We have two new flavours – lime (dark) and a coconut milk raw chocolate. The coconut is so good it is dangerous. It isn’t up on the site yet (for obvious reasons). If you would like some, order any of the raw chocolates and let us know on the message section of the order form that you would like the coconut instead. You will be the first. We only have two bars left (I told you it was good; we were ordering to try….) so be quick. Save me from myself.
In other news, I have been invited to join an advisory board for, and to speak at, an international oncology conference in Brisbane. Usually I say ‘no thanks’ but this is one week after I am teaching oncology aromatherapy and oncology massage in Hong Kong. I am practically there by the time I get to Hong Kong.  I have been asked to speak about oncology massage and our specialist skincare for cancer patients. What a dilemma – Queensland in their summer or Staffordshire in winter? A tough decision eh?
Sending undisturbed sleeps


Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Olympia Beauty 1-2 October, London.

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