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What are you doing this week? A sneaky half term check in

What are you doing this week? A sneaky half term check in


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I try not to work too much during school holidays – I have other priorities,  BUT I find myself having to create three workshops for Sunday, somehow, it slipped my mind last week. I am back at the laptop. It shouldn’t take too long. I have to be a mum taxi and waiting service this evening – perfect presentation-creating quiet time.
What are you doing this week? I have a week off. Guess where I am going? Guys Cancer Centre. Where else would my daughters chose to spend half term?! 
I have only myself to blame. I was at Guys last week and was told that the wig salon would be welcoming a 13 year old for whom they have been fitting wigs since she was 5.  I suggested that they invite her in for a manicure. We gave mum a manicure too (both were our treat). It was, they said, a wonderful start to their weekend.
I told my 13 year old about it, she reflected that she hasn’t seen the salon, and wondered if she could bring a friend (and then another). My older daughters heard about the trip and now we are a party of 9 (each of my three girls is bringing a friend, or two). My husband hates to miss anything – he is joining us and looks forward to getting onto the Guys treatment couch. I have spent the day making breakfast muffins for us to enjoy on the 0700 train. It's high excitement here (about the trip, not the cake).
Anyway, back to the exhibition this Sunday…..
The talks are
1200- 1250              Are your therapists confident in offering cancer-safe treatments?
1330 – 1430            Natural products to help side effects of cancer treatments
1500-1550               Nail rehab - getting you clients’ nails back on track

 Please let me know if you would like me to cover anything specific – I haven’t started creating them yet. I’d better get to it.
Sending family days out that turn into school trips…..


Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Pro Beauty Excel 26 & 27 February 2017 
Mummy's Star Conference, Salford University  4 March 2017

Holistic Health NEC 21 & 22 May 2017

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