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News about 'the plan' and an invitation to join our product development group

News about ‘the plan’ and an invitation to join our product development group

By Jennifer Young


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The new and improved website is live. The main changes are to the structure – the design remains similar but ‘refreshed.’ We have made the advice contained in the site, often hidden in blogs posted 4 years ago, easier to locate. If there is anything that you think we should include in the advice section, please ask. We have published so much information that we find it hard to decide what to highlight.


We also have at least a million new products. New product categories include hair loss, gifts for men, nail problems, manicure and pedicure, dry scalp, itchy scalp and brittle nails. I am delighted to be able to offer natural products to promote hair re-growth after treatment for cancer and shampoo to minimise hair loss, reduce hair falling out and improve patchy hair growth.


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As you browse the new shop, you will see ‘awaiting image’ in place of some beautiful product images. I have a product photo shoot planned for the end of February- the images should be with you by the end April (product shoots are a big job, uploading the beautiful images to the website takes even longer).


‘Project Web’ is a twelve month project for the entire team, one way or another, we are all involved. There are new products to create, labels to design and pricing to be calculated and leaflets to be printed. The web design changes is just the beginning.


You are part of the team; if you have any ideas or suggestions for products or services that we don’t currently offer and you think we should, please let us know. If we decide to create a product as a result of your idea, you will be invited to join the product development group (only if you would like to be involved, there’s no obligation).


I am so looking forward to your ideas- I LOVE ideas.


Sending creativity and inspiration



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