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Would you rather? Skin care for cancer patients in Norway.

Would you rather? Skin care for cancer patients in Norway.

I thought having A level and GCSE results for two of my daughters in the same week was difficult, who knew that the transition to university and from school to 6th form would be even worse?

Every time I open a door a door at home there is a crying teenage girl behind it. It has got so bad that we are all laughing about it (some of us through the tears). Mysense of perspective has been tested. 

My middle daughter, just starting at a new school for 6th form has had her perspective challenged during induction week.
‘Mum, would you rather fail your A levels or run over a cat?’
'We were playing ‘would you rather’ in form today and that was one of the questions’
‘I’d rather fail my A levels’ 
‘Yes, me too’
‘What did everyone else say?’
‘They’d kill the cat, when my form teacher heard my answer she said ‘really??!!!!’’
I have struggled enormously with this, not because she was asked the question but because of the answers. I am not sure the new school is the place for her – what do you think? You can tell me if you think I am overreacting.
My second ‘would you rather’ happened today. I am in Bergen, ready to deliver someskincare for cancer patients training tomorrow. My dilemma, would I rather stay in my hotel room, whilst it is sunny and light outdoors, to write my newsletter, or would I rather go out to see more of this beautiful city? What would you rather?

Sending a rather late newsletter 



PS we have decided on our 2019 dates - here they are.... 



Oncology Massage
Manchester - 24th September 2018
London - 20th October 2018
Manchester - 22nd October 2018?
London - 2 February 2019
London – 10 June 2019
Edinburgh - 16 February 2019
Manchester – 21 January 2019
Manchester – 20 May 2019
Face & Body Treatments
London - 17th & 18th September 2018
Manchester - 4th & 5th October 208
London - 19th & 20th November 2018
London – 14-15 January 2019
London – 13-14 May 2019
London 16-17 September 2019
Manchester - 11 – 12 March 2019
Manchester  - 15-16 July 2019

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