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World Sleep Day

Celebrity Delegate on Cancer Awareness Course and more sleep

I am not the only one obsessed with sleep – thank you for your sleep promoting hints and tips. We have all enjoyed reading them. Most of them involved alcohol and massage – I need say no more.
I was ahead of the game by discussing sleep last week. This Friday is World Sleep Day – we are considering a ‘wear your pj’s to work day’. We don’t have a strict dress code, or, indeed, any dress code, for the office, I am surprised that no one has been seen sporting pj’s before now (Paige does have office slippers).
There was no snoozing on my cancer awareness course. The lovely Stoke delegates were very lively and engaged – lots of good questions and even better answers. There are a few places left on the next course in Birmingham on 7th April. It would be great to see you – I don’t teach very often and I do enjoy meeting people.
We almost had a celebrity delegate join us on Sunday. As you probably know, I am indiscriminately friendly, routinely say ‘hello’ to strangers, and, if you look like you are ‘the type’ to be on a course for holistic therapists then I will assume you are seeking out my training room and scoop you up.
I was blessed with a luxurious hotel as the course venue and, as I walked to reception, I saw someone I recognised. I was sure that he was one of my delegates. He looked healthy, poised, was a graceful, calm presence, and, I knew him from somewhere (‘probably an exhibition’).
He was welcomed with a very hearty ‘Good Morning’ and, thankfully, he replied in kind. It was his distinctive voice and clear enunciation that saved him from being ushered towards a training room. 
I am sure that Chris Eubank would have been a very attentive delegate and I am confident that he would have learned a lot, but he probably had other plans…..

Sending lucky escapes (him, not me)


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