I am teaching - join me - oncology facials master class

I was your Valentine – thank you.
I am teaching – join me - oncology facials master class

Thank you for your Valentine’s love. I am touched by your generosity in thinking of me as well as my daughter when she was taken ill last week. She is very much better and a little aggrieved that it is half term. She would have to be off school this week because of her op. She is being robbed of a holiday. I am also recovering and am glad of half term.
I am not yet fully at work but wanted to check in to say a heartfelt thank you.
I discover that I am teaching in Manchester 5-6 March – would you like to join meThe Holistic Trinity Post-Graduate Diploma gives you three facials qualifications. This will be the first delivery of the Jennifer Young Essential Crystal Scalp & Facial Therapy(that’s why I am being dusted off and wheeled out).  The facial has been developed for our Scandinavian Spa friends. I have been invited to deliver the Jennifer Young Essential Crystal Scalp & Facial Therapy for a week at one of the most prestigious spas in the world. I’m not ready to reveal the location yet (it is in Asia) but as soon as I am, you will be the first to know. Those of you who have met me will realise that this is quite terrifying (for all concerned). I am grateful that the invitation is for October.
I have just finalised my talk at Holistic Health at the NEC on Sunday 20th May 1145-1215.  It is very topical (details below). The talk is free. Please come along; it would be great to see you. You can’t book tickets but there is always plenty of standing room for those who can’t get a seat.
Are you discriminating against cancer patients in your salon, rooms, clinic or spa?
A case has been brought against a well-known spa for refusing to give a beauty treatment to a cancer patient. The spa had not engaged in specialist training and was acting on the advice of their insurers. 
Are you vulnerable to this kind of action? If this kind of case is possible, what’s next?
During this lively presentation Jennifer will help you to understand your liabilities with regard to working with cancer patients and will discuss ways in which you can discharge your duties. The presentation will look to the future and predict liabilities that are likely to be tested by the Courts. 
I had better practice these facials – March is nearly upon us…..hope to see you in Manchester for the first ever The Holistic Trinity Post-Graduate Diploma.
Sending practice and persistence


PS we have released our new 2018 course dates - get in touch to book your place.

Manchester – 9-10th July 2018
Hand Nail Foot
Edinburgh - 11th April 2018 
Manchester – 21st May 2018
Holistic Trinity
Manchester – 5-6th March 2018 
London – 13-14th April 2018
Oncology Massage
Edinburgh – 28th February 2018 
London – 4th March 2018
Manchester – 21st March 2018 
Leeds – 4th May 2018
Edinburgh – 9th May 2018
Leicester – 5th June 2018 
Manchester – 11th June 2018
London – 11th June 2018 
Manchester – 9th April 2018
Manchester – 15th October 2018
Face and Body Treatments
Edinburgh - 22nd - 23rd March 2018
Manchester - 29th - 30th March 2018
Birmingham - 9th - 10th April 2018
London - 17th - 18th September 2018
Edinburgh - 10th - 11th September 2018

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