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Latest round of oncology massage training Soho House and Cowshed

It’s over. Self talk and our latest oncology massage training.

What a relief – it is over, no more GCSEs and no more A levels (at least not until both hit again in 2 years). It wasn’t as bad I as expected, but it was bad. We have celebrated in (hair) style and my girls have returned to form, they smile and I hear absent-minded singing again.
I have learned a lot from the experience (hopefully, they have too). Most of the learning was reinforced this week as I have helped out with training one of our spa clients. I now fully appreciate the importance of self-talk.
My very bright eldest daughter seems to have convinced herself that she won’t and can’t do well in her exams (it was the same for her GCSEs – in which she excelled). My middle daughter - GCSE girl - just got on with it – she ‘will do as she does’ is her zen philosophy. Of course there were moments of stress but, generally, her zen-ness shone through.
Our latest round of oncology massage training for spa was at Soho House and Cowshedthis week. The therapists are spectacular. There is no other way to describe them. Truly gifted, talented, blah blah – you get the picture. Do they believe that? Not always…..we’re back to the self-talk.
It is such an honour to be able to watch the therapists learn over the few days that we are with them. Generally, they arrive scared (we are taught not to work with those going through treatment), then they relax, next they get REALLY scared. They have to be assessed working with someone affected by cancer in order to gain our qualification and they think it is a big ask. Their self talk describes all kinds of disaster scenarios. It must be exhausting. The final emotion is joy – they can see the great good that they have done for their client and they are delighted to have been able to welcome their new clients to the spa.
The self talk changes from ‘I can’t do it’ to “I did it’. 
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