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Influencing skincare for cancer patients and oncology massage.

The men in my life; influencing skincare for cancer patients and oncology massage

I am surrounded by ladies, 3 daughters, an all female team; even the office dog is a girl.  Our specialist skincare for cancer patients products are most often used by ladies, as are most of our oncology massage therapies. 
Since joining the University course I have more men in my life. I am blessed by the presence of academic adviser, a mentor and a coach, all male. My lovely husband empathises with them, particularly my coach as we work together most often.
I am leaving for the big trip on Monday; the coach suggested a meeting tomorrow or Friday. I will be away from the office for 3 weeks; I am visiting 5 different cities in three countries. I have a lot of meetings to attend and people to meet (as well as the odd walking tour to organise).  I have to balance life and work. Time is precious.
My response to his suggested meet….
‘How will the coaching session help me to meet my trip objectives?’
‘What are we to cover in the session?’
‘What are the expected outcomes?’ Are they relevant to the next three weeks?’
My lovely husband’s observation -
‘That poor bloke, I bet you are a nightmare to coach’
‘Because you are always challenging and prioritising. ‘Where is the value?’ is a hard question to answer’
I had no idea. I thought everyone asked questions.
If you don’t, try it for a while and let me know what happens. I am always asking questions, of myself and of others, and I like to be challenged. How else would I learn?
January took one ‘poor bloke’ out of our office lives. Oscar is happily settled into his parallel universe. I was delighted to hear that he is being taught about chakras by Staffordshire Police (he should have been top of the class). He has discovered the following about the solar plexus.
‘A firm baton strike to the solar plexus region will incapacitate or even in some cases induce vomiting’ 

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