Talking skincare for cancer patients and oncology therapy qualifications

Talking skincare for cancer patients and oncology therapy qualifications  

Welcome to all of the new friends we met at the NEC this weekend, thanks for leaving the sunshine and coming over to the dark side. Paige and I had a fabulous time. My lovely husband was there on Sunday too, enjoying meeting some of the folk who read about his exploits. We have a lot of questions to answer and information to send – Paige plans to devote Friday to getting in touch.
I really enjoyed delivering my talks.  I was unsure how the open stage sessions discussing the spa and beauty industry and our legal liabilities when turning away those affected by cancer would be received, but all went well. The talk highlighted the conflicts in the various parts of the law governing our work. We looked at the recent discrimination case against a large spa that couldn’t give a beauty treatment to a guest as she had been diagnosed with cancer. They hadn’t received specialist trainingand they would not have been insured to work with her.  The law prohibits us from discriminating against anyone on the grounds of a cancer diagnosis and this client accused the spa of discrimination. No easy answers……
Not giving the solution always bothers me, as we are such a ‘can do’ organisation. I made it worse in the second half of the talk as I made my predictions as to the next allegations to hit our industry. I suspect the use of non-specialist skincare for cancer patients on those affected by cancer will be the next raft of legal cases. The research shows that there are some ingredients that should be avoided. The information is freely available, as are specialist skincare collections.  I suspect that there will be some allegations of liability in the not too distant future.
Like I said, not the easiest talk to listen to – however, both audiences (I delivered the session twice as one of the other presenters bailed at short notice) took it all in their stride.
It was lovely to see so many of the newsletter faithful at the show. Thank you for asking after my family – my middle daughter is properly and fully recovered now - thank you. We are all experiencing extremely high stress levels as we are in the middle of A levels and GCSEs but this too will pass.
Sometime soon, slumber will return to our lives – sooner for some than for others – I am staying home at half term, being the ground crew, providing emotional support and regular hot meals. My lovely husband and our equally lovely youngest are off to Croatia to kite surf with friends for the week.  I can’t complain too much as I am planning a return to Hong Kong and India. I swing into action when there is training to be delivered at 6*spas in exotic locations, tough work but someone has to do it.
Sending exotic slumber 



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