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Taking one for the team - all in the name of research


Taking one for the team - all in the name of research – cosmetics for those affected by cancer

There are occasions when I have to take one for the team. I am usually the first guinea pig, trying all of our products in development, working out, by trial and error, of the properties needed and what ingredients I can use to create the desired effect. When formulating our brow wax I had stencilled ‘brows’ all over my legs. Legs are easier to see than brows.
I haven’t formulated cosmetics for a while – the Defiant Beauty Cosmetics have been available for a long time. They are highly pigmented and have the coverage needed by our clients whilst also being natural and ‘clean’ enough to meet our strict ingredients criteria.
I might not have formulated recently but that doesn’t mean I have taken my eye off the ball. I am always on the look out for handy hints and tips to pass on when asked for appearance related advice. We give advice about how to use our mineral eyelinersto create a ‘lash illusion’ as often lashes are lost to chemo along with hair and brows.
This week I decided to try magnetic false eyelashes. If you know me, you know I love lashes; I am usually ‘lashed up’. I am from Liverpool; I would like long, really very long, feathery lashes (and I mean made from feathers, nothing too tasteful - you must have seen the bright feathery lashes in the pound shop). Sadly, I have to hold back as my name is all over a natural beauty brand (and, if I were to indulge, I could be mistaken for a pantomime dame). Natural look magnetic lashes seemed like the way forward, easy to apply and just the job for those at the beginning of chemo, still with some lashes that could act as an anchor for the magnetics above and below.
I can’t tell you if they would help or not, my magnetics headed straight for the only metal thing in the bathroom – the plug hole. They were mine and out of the packet for about 0.2 seconds before one leapt from my tweezers and disappeared, forever.  Lovely husband was all for retrieval. I wasn’t so keen on that option.
There is only one thing for it. I’m off to the pound shop.
Sending good taste and fabulous lashes

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