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Stress levels and sleepless nights

Stress levels and sleepless nights – call this a holiday?

I have been explicitly banned from a countdown, ssshhhh, one more sleep. Life guiding exam results land tomorrow. The detail of the results means three years in Copenhagen or a year in Mumbai – neither seems like a bad option to me. I’d almost certainly choose Mumbai but it’s not my choice.
As the day looms our stress levels rise – for different reasons, my eldest because she will get the results.  My stress levels are on the up because my girl will be going to Copenhagen or Mumbai and I quite like having her at home.
This is all new to me. I hadn’t anticipated needing extra relaxation whilst on my holidays. I have brought the usual aromatherapy first aid kit – insect repelling essential oils, anti-bacterial and healing tea tree and lavender, soothing oils for use after too much sun.  I haven’t brought any relaxing oils – we could really do with some. I am in a extremely remote part of Croatia – there are very few shops and none of them sell essential oils.
I have to find an alternative – my choices seem to be copious amounts of alcohol or a meditation app. I am embarrassed to tell you which fills the hour before bed.
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