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Tea time and oncology massage training


Tea time and oncology massage training

It is that time of the month again, the time I dread the most…..case study marking. I mark all of our case studies; those of you who are certified in one or more of ouroncology therapy qualifications will know that I mark them hard. I dread devoting such an enormous amount of time to them but, in lots of ways, I love the marking. I learn so much and you tell me great stories.
Today, the case study story that resonated was about a client who was stressed.
The therapist wrote
‘during her second visit P was showing signs of stress……..she did feel benefit from the treatment but, as a therapist who cares about the client, I would have loved to have had the time to go for a cuppa with her (herbal tea). Although I don’t rush clients, another client was waiting, booked in by a work colleague’
I returned to marking case studies after an acupuncture appointment (if you know acupuncture you know all I really want to do now is sleep). My therapist is a Chinese Traditional Acupuncture Practitioner and I have been to her many times. Today, for the first time ever, the session started with a cuppa. Proper Chinese tea from a hand made pot and poured into a Chinese teacup. I loved it. 
I can feel a tea ceremony therapy coming on….and that brings me to frantic. It feels frantic in this office – we are always busy, we have been super short staffed and we have a high level of interest BUT I don’t think (logically) we should feel this frantic. I mentioned this to my acupuncturist and she tells me everyone is the same. All of us, feeling frantic but not actually being in circumstances that dictate the feeling.  
I think tomorrow we’ll do some breathing and reset ready for our Easter hols. A good break will do us good.
I am off to France for part of the hols. I will lie in a hammock and do nowt except run, sleep, eat, do yoga, read and drink copious amounts of fizz.
Let’s see if I feel frantic afterwards.  If I am not, we might have another oncology massage qualification in the pipeline, this time starting with time out for tea.
Sending tea time out and Easter eggs



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