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Plan B

Plan B

Three days before prom…
‘Mum – I want to make my own dress’
‘Our sewing machine doesn’t work’
‘Mum – I want to make my own dress’
‘Our sewing machine doesn’t work’
‘Our sewing machine doesn’t work’
My eldest daughter doesn’t do Plan B. She wants to make her dress; no matter what barriers she has to overcome in order to make her dress, she will make the dress.  Her expectation was clear – I would be the one overcoming the barriers, and I did. We borrowed a sewing machine.
There is no University plan B – she has decided where she will go and she will go – or not.
I think she might get that from me. There were a few barriers in the way of my vision becoming a reality but we have developed specialist skincare for cancer patients and created accredited qualifications to allow therapists to work with those living with cancer and beyond.
My lovely husband always has a plan B and sometimes C. We went away at the weekend to stay with a friend in her York B&B. Who knew York is such a party town? It is noisy until late in the city centre. 
‘ It’s ok’ said my lovely husband, ‘I’ve brought some earplugs’
Is this what being married for 20 years is about? A weekend with your wife means bringing earplugs? I feel it might be time for my plan B
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