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Oncology therapy training and specialist skincare for cancer patients

Afternoon tea and a treatment? Oncology therapy training and specialist skincare for cancer patients

Any volunteers to come to Soho Farm House, as their guest, and enjoy an Afternoon Tea and a Jennifer Young pamper? Oh, I thought there might be….
Soho Farm House would be honoured if you would join them on 15th May at 1400 (ish) for a Jennifer Young treatment – we are delivering their Spa Welcome training next week and we always invite those who have been diagnosed to be models. Models are also invited to enjoy the Farm Relax area and to have afternoon tea with the other models after the treatments.
Soho Farm House is an amazing property with a fabulous spa. Both Anna, our tutor, and I will be there; the therapists will be at the end of their training with us and will be very capable. We only have a few places available; please contact us if you would like to join us or if you have any questions. We will introduce you to the team at Soho Farm House and you can take it from there.
Thanks to all of you who were concerned about me last week – I am fine….I know there is a lot happening but I am ok. Calm is the word most often used (in my hearing) to describe me……I know, there are other more flattering words I aspire to, but I’ll take calm.
My 14 year old pedi-paw daughter told me about her German class last week
‘I had to describe you in German today…….I didn’t use any of the bad words…..I said you were……..’
(insert ‘good’ words of your own choosing here)
‘I didn’t know the word for ‘chill’’
If that’s what my little one sees – I am probably ok.
Her last words on this matter
‘I had to describe two members of my family, so I described you, and the dog’
Sending calm


PS we have released some new Autumn dates

Manchester – 9-10th July 2018
Hand Nail Foot
Manchester – 21st May 2018
Holistic Trinity
London – 8-9th October 2018
Oncology Massage
Leeds – 4th May 2018
Leeds – 19th October2018
Edinburgh – 9th May 2018
Leicester – 5th June 2018 
Leicester – 16th October 2018 
Manchester – 11th June 2018
Manchester – 24th September 2018
London – 11th June 2018 
London – 20th October 2018

Manchester – 15th October 2018
Face and Body Treatments
London - 17th - 18th September 2018
Edinburgh - 10th - 11th September 2018
NEW VENUE Bristol - 29th - 30th September 2018

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