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No experience necessary

No experience necessary – Jennifer Young Oncology Massage helps everyone, even first timers

At 60 years old, Shelly, 60,  had never had a massage before deciding to take the plunge with a Jennifer Young Oncology Balanced Body and Mind Massage. Shelly was in remission from her cancer diagnosis, allowing her to take a break from her treatment. Despite this, she still experienced the after effects of chemotherapy, the worst of which was her incredibly numb feet. Understandably,  stress was also an issue for Shelly. Shelly booked her specialist massage in the hope of relaxation and an improvement in her general wellbeing.

Shelly was apprehensive about this first experience. She was anxious about her numb feet and a hernia and how the therapist would deal with this.  The Jennifer Young accredited qualifications show therapists how to work with clients no matter what their medical history. Helen, Shelly’s therapist, can adapt treatment routines to medical conditions into account. Shelly received a bespoke treatment, designed to meet her physical and emotional needs.

Shelly decided to have a Balanced Body and Mind Massage, which uses chakra oils and crystals to create a deep feeling of peace throughout the body, allowing one to truly relax and let go.

As Shelly’s hope for the massage was improved relaxation and general wellbeing, she chose the amethyst crystal for her treatment. The crystal correlates to the crown chakra, enhancing intuition. The amethyst crystal is said to have a soothing energy which encourages peacefulness, happiness and contentment.

Despite the initial nerves she had about her first massage, Shelly afterwards spoke of the benefits she experienced…

My first massage in my 60 years. Something I have been nervous of and shied away from but this was really comforting. Thank you

At Jennifer Young we welcome everyone to use our specialist products and feel the benefits of our specialist oncology massage. All are welcome, even newbies.

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