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New products incoming

And we’re off…….even more specialist skincare for cancer patients

You can relax – we have left the country. I write from France, the first stage of the long drive to Croatia. We left the UK on Sunday morning and we will be at our final destination on Friday. We’ve been taking it easy so far, having spent a couple of nights on a French campsite. The coming days are filled with long drives. Austria next stop, Zagreb follows.
I’m not sure if I have told you about our new products – they travel with me, at least the labels travel with me. I am proof reading as we go. I will start to write the product descriptions when we have more downtime.
We are soon to launch about 200 new products – that’s a lot of labels. Some are variations on familiar themes – Well Being Beauty Chakra Gifts Sets our pulse point oils formulated to have an affinity with each of the chakras are one of our most popular products. Ragdale Hall developed their own (non-oncology massage) body treatment using the chakra oils and crystals. Another very well known spa is soon to launch a (non-oncology) treatment they have developed using them. The chakra oils are used in the Jennifer Young Spa Welcome qualification in the Balanced Body and Mind therapy, also taught as part of our Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Face and Body.
These balancing oils are fragranced using essential oils, blended with a focus on theenergetic qualities of the oils, rather than their therapeutic benefits. This method of blending seemed much more appropriate for the chakras than the usual function, top, middle and base used in aromatherapy (not that there is anything wrong with this, I do it for all other formulations).
The new products extend the chakra range to include natural candles and diffusers, body oils and bath oils.  There will be more therapeutic products too – all waiting for me to write product descriptions and are in need of labels and a product shoot. It’s going to be busy on the beach.
Sending balance


Oncology Massage
24th September 2018 - Manchester
16th October 2018 - Leicester
19th October 2018 - Leeds
20th October 2018 - London
22nd October 2018 - Manchester
Holistic Trinity Facials
15th & 16th October 2018 - London
15th October 2018 - Manchester
Face & Body Treatments
1st & 2nd August 2018 - Birmingham
17th & 18th September 2018 - London 

4th & 5th October 2018 - Manchester

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