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How many medical emergencies? Our silver cloud….

How many medical emergencies? Our silver cloud….

This is getting beyond a joke…..
Medical Emergency Number 1  - Bangalore Wild Virus hits and I am unable to travel (I was in Bangalore at the time, it as not quite as random as it sounds)
Medical Emergency Number 2 – 3 days after my return to the UK, my middle daughter is admitted for emergency surgery and we are guests of the NHS for 4 days
Medical Emergency Number 3 – the bloomin dog (many thanks for your kind wishes, she is fine)
Things happen in threes……everywhere except here…
Medical Emergency Number 4 – Paige is really poorly……..she is in receipt of proper medical advice and JY medical advice…after recent events I am an expert in abdominal surgery. Paige hopes to return to us soon (despite my intervention) until then, you have the B team (me).
We have excitement as well as emergency. Did you see us in the Mail on Sunday Health Section? The Spa Doctor featured our work with Rudding Park Hotel and Spa in Harrogate.
I knew with a few days notice as the health editor of the Mail emailed me late on Friday asking for some images. I absolutely would not have seen the email before Monday if we hadn’t been having a really upsetting Friday afternoon. I won’t go into detail BUT I was asked to return to my laptop after a meeting on Friday afternoon as we were experiencing a ‘situation’. I did and I saw the email from the Mail. I had no plans at all to be online until Monday and I can only thank those who prompted my return. Truly, everything happens for a reason.
I am not sure of the reasoning behind my youngest daughter having decided (more than a week ago) to paint our dog’s ‘nails’. She, the dog,  has bright red talons. She was newly painted last Wednesday when we dashed to the vets to be informed that her condition was life threatening. I was mortified, about her condition and her (it has to be said) “Friday night out’ appearance.
The entire vet team has been studious in their ignoring of the unexpected colour in their day when Sadie Dog visits. My daughter is delighted with herself and the invention of the ‘pedi-paw’. 
Sending invention


PS we have released some new Autumn dates

Manchester – 9-10th July 2018
Hand Nail Foot
Manchester – 21st May 2018
Holistic Trinity
London – 8-9th October 2018
Oncology Massage
Leeds – 4th May 2018
Leeds – 19th October2018
Edinburgh – 9th May 2018
Leicester – 5th June 2018 
Leicester – 16th October 2018 
Manchester – 11th June 2018
Manchester – 24th September 2018
London – 11th June 2018 
London – 20th October 2018

Manchester – 15th October 2018
Face and Body Treatments
London - 17th - 18th September 2018
Edinburgh - 10th - 11th September 2018
NEW VENUE Bristol - 29th - 30th September 2018

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