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How do you blend - Skincare for cancer patients and oncology aromatherapy

How do you blend? Skincare for cancer patients and oncology aromatherapy

As usual it is all happening here. I write from the backdrop of a canine medical emergency. If I make less sense than usual it is because my dog is in surgery and has been for a couple of hours.  She will be there for a while yet.


My day has been spent speaking about methods of aromatherapy blending and the essential oils to be used in therapeutic blends.  My choices were to pace the floor wringing my hands, or to carry on as planned. I decided to keep busy.


In 2012 I wrote a blending book. We printed some copies and it was much loved. It provides a very quick, easy and practical way of creating therapeutic blends that smell fabulous and will ‘hold’ in a skincare product. The book is brought out once a year during our Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Aromatherapy course. A publisher has decided that it needs to see the light of day again – we have another project. As if we need another project.


I will take one of the antique copies to Holistic Health at the NEC next month. Come and see us and have a play, I mean blend.


I love blending; I created the oncology aromatherapy diploma lesson plan with plenty of time for playing with oils, as that is how I like to spend my time (sad but true).  This four - day course (two contact days) is being run in Manchester in July. You are very welcome to join us if you have a level 3 Aromatherapy qualification. We will look at the oils that are fabulous for those affected by cancer as well as those that it is advisable to avoid. We will do plenty of blending using the energetics of the oils as well as the chemistry and more traditional therapeutic qualities.


I think it is time to pace.


Sending hope






Manchester – 9-10th July 2018


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Manchester – 21st May 2018


Holistic Trinity

London – 8-9th October 2018


Oncology Massage

Leeds – 4th May 2018

Edinburgh – 9th May 2018

Leicester – 5th June 2018 

Manchester – 11th June 2018

London – 11th June 2018 



Manchester – 15th October 2018


Face and Body Treatments

London - 17th - 18th September 2018

Edinburgh - 10th - 11th September 2018

NEW VENUE Bristol - 29th - 30th September 2018

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