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Head in the game

Head in the game, skincare for cancer patients and accredited oncology therapy qualifications

I am sure that mine is not the first football related email you have received since those boys (it is only me that thinks they look about 10?) earned their place in the semi-finals of the world cup. The result will probably determine how many more land.
I am not interested in football but I am very impressed by the mind-set of the team. They are a team and they are very present. In all interviews theirs is the language of positivity, being present, not dwelling and seeing pressure as a bonus. These boys have mental strength and maturity beyond their 10 years. The world watches and they do their yoga breathing.
I feel the same respect for the Thai boys and for their coach. I realise that the coach might not feel like a hero or be treated as such. I know he led his team into danger. Despite this undisputed fact, respect.
I wasn’t so surprised to read that coach had spent 12 years training as a Buddhist monk prior to becoming a football coach. All appeared calm when they were discovered and have been reported as being in good spirits throughout. Their coach led them in guided meditation during their time underground.
I can’t imagine how awful it must have been for everyone in that cave, their escape didn’t sound so wonderful. The death of one of the heroic rescue team illustrated the danger that all were in en route to freedom. 
I have done a little diving, I wouldn’t like to cave dive in the dark or remove my air because the space was so tight. Breath control and calm would help enormously.  There was no place for panic.
I have used my yoga breathing on many occasions as I have developed the business, first with the NHS team that helped to create our specialist skincare for cancer patients (they were very demanding). I was absolutely in need of breath control when trying to get insurance for us to deliver our pioneering accredited oncology therapy qualifications
I have no doubt that the pressures felt by others were far in excess of mine. We all did the same thing – deep breaths in and long breaths out. It helps me – even when careering off a mountain in zero visibility on an out of control snowboard – but that’s another story.
Sending victory, no matter what the challenge.



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