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Happy New Year. What will 2018 bring for you?

When was Wednesday?? It’s a whole new world of massage for cancer patients and skincare for cancer patients

Did I miss a Wednesday? How did that happen? I hope it isn’t just me who is convinced that today is Wednesday? At least I had caught up by the evening and made to my spin class without being 24 hours late.
Happy New Year. What will 2018 bring for you? I wished a friend a year filled with joy & mischief, intrigue, challenges and lots of love. As I wrote, I realised that it’s pretty much what I would wish for me (with a bit of laughter thrown in). My wish for you is the same, may the challenges be good.
My 2018 is planned almost to the minute (taking a tendency to be 24 hours late into account). I am leaving on my travels in just under 3 weeks and am visiting 3 countries and, in one country, three cities (requiring 2 domestic flights). I can’t wait. I am honoured to be able to help those living with and beyond cancer outside of the UK and I am quite looking forward to some winter sun.
The UK work will continue whilst I am away – Ana has joined us lead in the lab and we are recruiting for an office junior/admin person to support Paige who has taken over from Emma. We had 116 applicants for 2 positions before we closed the ad. That’s a lot of CVs.
The first oncology massage courses of 2018 are fully booked and we will release new dates and courses when we get a minute. We have lots of new skincare for cancer patients products and offers, as soon as we have a full team, we’ll put them on the website and share all of the news.
Sending a very happy new year


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Oncology Massage
London 15 January 
Manchester 5 February
Leicester 2 March
London 4 March
Leeds 4 May

Manchester 9 April
Hand Nail & Foot

London 25 February

The Holistic Trinity - 3 separate facials qualifications (holistic faciallifting and rejuvenating facialessential crystal scalp and facial therapy

Manchester 5 March 

London 13 May

Face & Body Treatments - 4
 separate qualifications (Oncology MassageHolistic Facial, Balanced Body and MindHand Nail and Foot Treatment)

Birmingham 18 & 19 January

Edinburgh 22 & 23 March

Birmingham 9 & 10 April

Edinburgh 21 & 22 June

Edinburgh 20 & 21 September


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