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Skincare and massage for cancer patients – guess where I’ve been?

Skincare and massage for cancer patients – guess where I’ve been? 

Prague – I have been to Prague since our last correspondence. I was invited to speak at a breast cancer charity conference. The charity is the biggest in the Czech Republic. They are really quite huge and also have support centres in Slovakia. They partner with enormous organisations like global supermarkets so it was a great honour to be invited to speak at their team conference.  Our distributor in the Czech Republic came too and was my tour guide for the afternoon. I had a wonderful time. How lucky am I? I even managed an early morning walk over Charles Bridge. I am blessed.
My diary is bulging with happy events and beautiful cities this week. Friday sees me at a ‘do’ in London.  I will be in York on Saturday in readiness for my FHT ‘cancer awareness for beauty and holistic therapists’ course on Sunday.
My lovely husband is joining me. He will look dapper in his Black Tie on Friday and we have the day together on Saturday. I am delivering training on Sunday. My husband is spending the day at the Rudding Park Spa. It is his early Christmas present – sshhhhh- it’s a surprise.
We are all about gifts in the office, gifts for cancer patients and gifts for friends and family. The lists are written and ‘making’ is soon to commence. I have mentioned before (about a year ago) that I make our Christmas gifts – they change every year and are received with interest if not enthusiasm. Some of the 2017 ‘homemades’ were made in May. There was uncertainty as to their success, which wasn’t going to be apparent (either way) until about now. I am delighted to say all is well – it’s a triumph. Having blown one surprise in this email – I will refrain from providing detail.  Remind me and I will tell you in January.
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