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Our training school expands into new areas and we help more people living with and beyond cancer.

Global care for cancer patients 


I made it; today is the last day of my world tour. I had an accidental week off newsletter writing last week. I was travelling from Dubai to Bangalore and I forgot what day it was. It has been quite a couple of weeks.
My travels started in Hong Kong, then to Dubai (for a health care exhibition) and finally to India. I write from Mumbai (Bombay) and have enjoyed time in Bangalore. My plan was to travel to Jaipur as well but ‘Bangalore Wild Virus’ got the better of me.
I was off my feet for three days, unable to leave my bed and barely conscious. The hotel staff were very kind and allowed me to stay to recuperate. They had already upgraded me to a suite with a butler (A BUTLER! Just in case you were wondering, this is not my life!). He had his hands full –  poor bloke.
It has been such an honour to work away for two weeks. I have met amazing people and seen some sights. I am blessed. Even better, all of the people I meet are enormously enthusiastic about bringing specialist skincare for cancer patients to their country. Our training school expands into new areas and we help more people living with and beyond cancer.
I’m flying home overnight and very much looking forward to seeing my family. I have missed them. Last night I was witness to an extended WhatsApp Spat over who was responsible for the dog eating some cheese. At least 50 messages (including images of empty cheese packaging) between two teenagers who were in the same house at the same time – 50 messages?! Not one word from the third teenager who had left the cheese out in the first place – that girl is very wise.  The dog kept out of it too.
I was tempted to wade in and suggest that they speak to each other instead of messaging. It was a heated exchange; I decided they were perhaps best to continue their electronic disagreement – there can be no bruises.
Sending cheese management systems


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