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Gifts for cancer patients go into overdrive, no making and how many potatoes?

Gifts for cancer patients go into overdrive, no making and how many potatoes?

Did I say this last week? ‘Tis the season?’ I had no idea just what the 2017 season meant. We are absolutely flat out keeping up with orders – almost all of them gifts for cancer patients. I love my job.
It is a blessing that the Jennifer Young Training School takes a break in December. As well as our manufacturing focus, we can be spotted at spa Christmas events – I see such a lot of fizz, in the distance, it is not for me, I only look.
I did get some fizz for me in London on Friday (probably, and happily, a bit too much fizz). I was invited to a black tie ‘gala’ event with the Slovenian great and good. Two Ambassadors were in attendance; hopefully they were drinking pink Slovenian fizz too. My lovely husband and I had a truly wonderful time and met some fascinating folk involved in healthcare in the Baltics.
Back in Staffordshire, the focus on work was unplanned; I had hoped to spend some of this week ‘getting ready’. The making of our gifts for friends and family takes a lot of time and I have been diverted. I am easily distracted but this is more than a distraction.
As well as ‘making’ I should be planning Christmas dinner. If we have been in correspondence for a while, you will know that the Family Young Christmas dinner is no small event. Last year we had 30 sitting down to dinner with another 10 or so invited for pre-dinner drinks. We have a very modest 24 joining us to eat this year. My most pressing question – how many potatoes do we need to feed roast and mash to 24?  When potatoes are counted, we’ll move onto the rest of the veg. I like veg, we do a lot of veg.  The manufacture of thousands of units of skincare is no sweat, vegetables are another matter altogether, and could possibly be a bigger job.
Sending carrot calculations


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