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Fragrance for meditation

Fragrance for meditation and specialist skincare for those affected by cancer

There is a bloke in Birmingham market who sells the best oil based fragrances/perfume. I go to visit him every time I am in Brum (which is often) and I wear his fragrances everyday.
Recently I have realised that they are a real aid to meditation – that sounds a bit grand – I mean that breathing in and our whilst appreciating just how lovely the fragrance is can be very distracting. I notice it most when I am running. I am a bad runner; any and all distractions are welcome. More of the fragrance is liberated when I get hot (there is nothing cool about my running). I notice it as it gets stronger and it distracts me from the pain of running.
I really should have reached this realisation earlier. We use essential oil blends to help keep focussed when teaching our Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga for those affected by cancer and their carers.  We suggest that carers use them as an aid to meditation and that all use them as part of their yoga practice. It makes for a very powerful experience. You should try it – go visit the nice man on the market in Birmingham.
In other news, my middle daughter has moved on from her rather ‘intense’ sixth formto a new college – what a change – my smiley girl has returned. She is having a wonderful time. She made this momentous decision whilst I was teaching an FHT Cancer Awareness course in Liverpool on Sunday. Apologies to the gorgeous delegates – I was slightly distracted in the afternoon. Decisions such as these appear to need mum input; discussion with dad (at home with our daughters) just isn’t good enough. Hopefully the mum juggling work and emotional support wasn’t too apparent. I had such a good time delivering the FHT course – the next FHT is in Leeds on 18 November – maybe see you there.
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