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Easter weekend sunshine

What a weekend – where did that sunshine come from? Specialist massage for cancer patients in East Anglia.


I hope you spent the weekend in the sunshine, having a ball, enjoying yourself royally. I certainly did. The friends over for food turned into a heavenly BBQ, the tortoises spent the whole weekend wandering through the vegetable patches. Our two tortoise boys are fleet of foot and very sneaky. We invested in some helium balloons to allow us to trace their whereabouts – they added to the party vibe.
Our holidays are still in progress, I am in London tomorrow, not for work, for once, but to take my daughters to the theatre (darling). School of Rock, here we come.
I have been up to Manchester this morning to say ‘Hey’ to the spa at The Macdonald Hotel on day 2 of their Spa Welcome Training. As of today, they are able to welcome those affected by cancer to enjoy a full specialist spa menu. It is an honour to work with the Macdonald group. The therapists I met today were very impressive. Life is good.
I am getting into our pop up training – I think it might become ‘a thing’. We have arranged a pop up Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Face and Body in East Anglia on 17 – 18 May. This accredited course gives four separate qualifications, Oncology MassageOncology Hand, Nail and FootOncology Balanced Body and Mind and Oncology Holistic Facial. This is our first course in East Anglia and it would be wonderful to see lots of you there. Please join us.
The same course (4 accredited qualifications) is also available in Manchester (15 – 16 July) and London (13-14 May). We have one place remaining on the London date. You can book your place online or by calling the office and chatting to Shaira.
Ok, time to make sandwiches for the trip. Mine is a glamourous life.

Sending egg mayo



Oncology Massage

London - 10th June 2019

Manchester - 24th June 2019



Manchester - 13th May


Lifting & Rejuvenating Facial

London – 8th July 2019


Face & Body Treatments

London - 13th & 14th May 2019

Manchester - 15th & 16th July 2019

London - 16th & 17th September 2019

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