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Coming out of retirement

Coming out of retirement – London, massage treatments for cancer patients

There are things with which I am not usually trusted, files, important, not to be lost, pieces of paper and delivery of our accredited qualifications. I often do the high level (as in not detailed) education talks, conferences workshops, exhibitions and CPD for health care professionals. I don’t do hands on very often but, in breaking news, I am coming out of retirement, for no reason other than I want to.
We had a call from a very lovely lady recently, she wanted facials for cancer patients training, for her and a colleague. They own a London clinic catering for the needs of those affected by cancer. I should have been put off my delivering by their impressive pedigree and expertise in all matters facial. For some reason, probably their warmth, I wasn’t, I was drawn in and, before I knew what was happening, I had agreed to deliver accredited training in our spectacular Essential Oncology Facial at their premises.
The very good news is that you can join us. I am teaching in their divine Harley Street premises and (drumroll please) I am able to offer a very limited number of places on the Essential Oncology Facial Post Graduate Diploma in London on 1 April. Book your place. Shaira will give you a call in the morning to confirm times and exact location. Your pre-course learning will with you by Friday.
I wanted to teach this facial as I absolutely love it. It is our most advanced facial, includes the a bespoke scalp treatment as well as incorporating the wisdom of facial yoga. It is entirely suitable for those living with and beyond cancer but will be enjoyed by all.
Please join us – we will have a great day. 

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