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Christmas office hours and leaving parties

Christmas office hours and leaving parties

How are your snow levels? We have enjoyed a fantastic amount of snow to accompany our sub zero temperatures. I was sad to see the snow melt but was happy for the temperature to rise above -12.
All of my team of troopers made it into the office to continue to dispatch our record number of gifts for cancer patients and skincare for cancer patients parcels. There is no sign of a slow down in our order volume (and long may that continue).
We are all looking forward to closing the office doors at 1200 on 22 December. They will remain closed until 1000 on 3 January 2018. 
As you might imagine, there are lots of big plans for 2018. I am working on my round-the-world tour. I am beside myself with excitement. I’m going to get some winter sun in the name of work. I will tell you all about it in the New Year.
I have some sad news – Oscar – a friend to many of you is finally leaving us on 22 December (although he might be back for a few days in January). Staffordshire Police accepted Oscar in December 2017. We have known of his (not so) imminent departure for 12 months but we are no less sad to see him go. Oscar will be answering your calls and queries until 22 December. He would be delighted to hear from you if you want to wish him luck in 2018. I am not sure how we will manage without him. One thing is for sure; there will be more pens on hand in the office. Oscar is known for his obsessive and mischievous hiding of pens and other vital stationary supplies. Maybe we won’t miss him so much eh?
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