Balance and Gratitude

Balance and Gratitude

We are usually very upbeat in our office. We feel the love every day and celebrate our successes. It is not hard to be happy when working in the field of skincare for cancer patients and helping others by providing oncology therapy training.
I don’t know what is wrong with us today but our bounce levels are low. Chatting about it – we think it is to do with balance – we have been super busy, even busier than usual, yoga attendance has slipped. Aerobic exercise is less frequent than it should be.
In an attempt to lift the collective office mood I asked all to tell me three good things about today. I am told that the practicing gratitude is good for the soul. It was good for our mood.
Here are our (at least) three good things each – we’d like to know yours.  Have a think and send us your list - we’d love to see it.
There might even be a prize for the very best good thing....or things....

  • It was a warm day

  • Paper clips

  • I had more petrol in my car than I thought

  • Chinese tonight



  • Peanut butter popcorn

  • Sunshine

  • Lip balm


  • I had childcare for longer than usual

  • I have managed to catch up with most of my emails

  • I had chips for my lunch

  • I was contemplating buying chocolate and when I got back there was some in the office



  • Spinning

  • Interesting morning meetings with very kind and generous experts

  • Chatting to my girls

  • Laughing

  • My lovely husband (he doesn't often read these emails, but, just in case....)

  • A beautiful email telling me how we had helped and cheered a gorgeous lady with ‘chemo-ravaged’ skin and congratulating me on our excellent customer service

  • The new running leggings, that I ordered expecting to send back, don’t make me look too unsightly and they feel fab

  • I’m on track for an early night 

  • Oh and I had a really useful conversation about project funding

  • The light on my morning dog walk was spectacular

  • I heard a woodpecker

I could go on. Clearly that exercise worked a bit too well. I feel in need of a darkened room.
Sending at least three good things


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