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Welcome to Hong Kong – Asia massage for cancer patients

Welcome to Hong Kong – Asia massage for cancer patients


I am here, after 24 hours of travelling, I am here. I have always wanted to come to Hong Kong. I am not disappointed – it’s wonderful. They have red double decker buses, green men at crossings, trams, drive on the left and have sockets that I can put my plugs into.
I have travelled in Asia a lot, usually the traffic is impenetrable and one has to fling oneself into the road and walk at a steady pace in order to get to the other side. Nerves of steel are needed. All drivers swerve around the predictably-paced pedestrian. I was quick to adopt the usual Asia road crossing technique when I arrived. Thankfully I was also quick enough to avoid the absolutely and resolutely not swerving traffic. A swift return to UK crossing habits was required. The little green man is my best friend.
I am not in Hong Kong to play chicken; I am here to collaborate, meet our newest Hong Kong Spa client and to sightsee.
Oncology massage qualifications for therapists in Hong Kong are nearly with us.Defiant Beauty and Beyond Beauty specialist skincare for cancer patients have been available to buy in Hong Kong for a long time; therapy training is catching up. Hopefully, our accredited oncology therapy qualifications will be available here soon.
I will tell you more when I am better rested. It is very late here and more than time for bed. I will be in another country next time I write.
Hopefully see you there.
Sending safe crossings


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