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An hour lost, a newsletter gained

An hour lost; a newsletter gained

We may have lost an hour but we have gained a sneaky newsletter. Don’t let me confuse you into thinking it is Wednesday.  It’s still Sunday.
I didn’t make it to yoga this morning. I had a breakfast treat to eat. I need to use the energy somewhere. I have made candles, baked muffins (gluten free goats cheese, red onion and coriander) and walked the dog – I am not yet weary and longing for a hot bath -  most odd.
This is just a quickie to let you know that my coming out of retirement facials teaching has been postponed. It was due to be tomorrow. Illness (not mine) has led to a week-long postponement. If you would like to join me as I teach the Jennifer Young Essentials Facial on 8th April 2019 in London, Harley St area, you are most welcome. The accredited qualification will begin at 1015.
This is my favourite facial, it is suitable for those affected by cancer and it is one of our oncology qualifications. However, it is loved by all and is more than suitable for all of your clients. I will show you how to harness the power of facial yoga (you make the moves, the client relaxes, probably sleeps) as well as introducing you to some other lifting and firming techniques. I’d love to see you, please do join us. I am very much looking forward to teaching a hands on therapy – it’s been a while.
We will send your pre -course learning as soon as you confirm your place. Don’t panic if you feel you don’t have time to do that part of the qualification justice – we will be a very small group and will have lots of time for chatting.
I hope to see you soon
Sending an extra newsletter


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London – 15th April 2019
Leicester – 16th April 2019
London - 10th June 2019
Manchester - 24th June 2019
Manchester - 13th May 2019
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London – 8th July 2019
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London - 13th & 14th May 2019
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