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There’s not much to do in Croatia

There’s not much to do in Croatia

There’s not much to do in Croatia - running, yoga, reading, chatting, applying sunscreen and water sports. 
We love it.
Our greatest pleasure has been watching our three teenage girls becoming child-like again. When the pressure of exams is gone, and there is no one to judge, appearance is less significant. Starfish finding is the main recreational activity and it is fine to have no make-up and messy hair. It is truly joyful (especially for a mother who has no make-up and always has messy hair).
Work continues as usual – our newest intern, Holly, has been documenting your great work. If you look at our blogs you can read lots of wonderful stories about how our therapists use their skills in oncology massage to help cancer patients.
If you would like to join us on one of our courses, the latest dates are below.
We have more products in progress – dare I say it? We are getting ready for the big C. We will have more gift sets ready for the season. At least I hope we will be ready for the season, we have been working on the gift boxes since January.
It is time for the beach….the kite surfing lesson has been brought forward today – four kids to hustle (we have a guest, a boy, I am learning a lot).
Sending starfish finding success (and maybe an octopus?)


Oncology Massage
London 5 November
Leeds 25 August
Leeds 14 January
Glasgow 10 October
Leicester 15 October
Manchester 13 November
Sleep Ritual
London 15 September
Lifting and Rejuvenating Facial
London 20 September
Manchester 25 September
Hand Nail & Foot
Glasgow 19 September

Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Olympia Beauty 1-2 October, London.

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