I’m back, letter of complaint, sold out cancer awareness courses and sunshine

I’m back, letter of complaint, sold out cancer awareness courses and sunshine


I had a week off – very unusual for me. I was going to write last week as I traveled back from some tutor training in London but I was poorly – so I didn’t. I wouldn’t have gone to the course (Anna was the main tutor) except the delegates had traveled from Dubai and I had the course materials.
My raging fever, sore throat and general malaise have now departed and I am in the sunshine in Croatia. Life is good.
In other news, I had a letter of complaint regarding my last newsletter. My lovely husband; who was in London (and never reads any of my emails) was minded to write and tell me that I was being unfair. He is very punctual and our daughter was not late for the dentist. His next communication was a text telling me that he had missed his train. I don’t feel the need to publish an apology.
I meant to tell you a while ago that my FHT day course in cancer awareness sold out almost immediately and I have been asked to do another, in December. Does anyone have a location preference? My preference is Staffordshire but they would like somewhere else. As ever, let me know.
I am away so I am not sure what our latest course dates are – these were current a week ago. I will update next week.
Until then…..Sending sunshine……


Oncology Massage
London 6 August
London 5 November
Leeds 25 August
Leeds 14 January
Glasgow 10 October
Leicester 15 October
Manchester 13 November
Sleep Ritual
London 15 September
Lifting and Rejuvenating Facial
London 20 September
Manchester 25 September
Hand Nail & Foot
Glasgow 19 September


Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Olympia Beauty 1-2 October, London.

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