Would you like your own brand skincare collections?

Would you like your own brand skincare collections?


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Did you have a wonderful Easter? We had a great time, and the best bit? Not Disneyland Paris (fabulous though it was), the best bit was having very limited Internet connection. We are creating lots of new specialist skincare products for cancer patients. I spent a little time looking at label designs and ingredients lists but the time was strictly rationed – the connection was meagre in data and expensive. The clock was always ticking.
I could get used to a low data life. I read four books and spent an inordinate amount of time on a hammock enjoying the sunshine, chatting. We had loads of runs, walks and bike rides and generally refreshed and relaxed.
I have returned with a zillion ideas because of the quiet time. You will see them emerge over the coming months. I am still away from the office as school is out here in North Staffs. Today has been spent shopping with my 13 year old, boy, that girl can shop.
Some of the ideas belongs to other people……..I am often asked the same thing by different groups and organisations, sometimes it is a product that is requested, sometimes a service. Generally, if I am asked for something three times, we do it. Mild Mint Foot Balm and Healing Hand Balm were ‘born’ this way. I was asked and asked and asked and now we have natural and organic beauty products to help with some of the side-effects of cancer treatment. They are two of our most popular products and I am often sent staggering before and after pictures.


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I have been asked on more than three occasions if we can help therapists, brands and salons by working with them to formulate their own label skincare collections and manufacture for them, usually in small quantities.  It might be time to explore this further – it was a recurring thought when on the hammock.
We are quite busy formulating and producing our own skincare collections, if we proceed with this, it will be for a strictly limited number of clients. The collections will not be for those affected by cancer. I want to be able to work with more ingredients, I miss them.
I really am undecided – if you are interested in having your own brand skincare collections or products for use in your holistic therapies, please let me know.
Your input will help us (the lab team have to be in agreement as well) to decide if we develop this idea further.
In my half formed plan, we will

  • consult with you re your requirements and preferences

  • formulate and create some products

  • consult further to refine them

  • work with you and your logo to create your labels and boxes (if you want boxes)

  • ensure that the products, labels and boxes are fully compliant with our safety laws and are registered in the appropriate places

  • manufacture the products for you in both professional sizes and retail sizes

As a further service we could help with online retail (by helping you to set up an high impact online shop and social media presence that will be seen and will result in sales) but that is less appealing to me. I like my offline life.  There are others in the office team who might want to offer this service. We can chat about it when I’m back.
So, what do you think? If we do it, we won’t have capacity to work with many ‘brands’. Availability of this will be strictly limited. We will work with individuals and organisations that ‘feel right’ for this project – we will be working together as a team. We need to be a good fit.
Please help me to decide – I have soooo many ideas. In another version of this one, a version I much prefer, I’d teach you how to do it for yourself. That might take a little longer.
Sending clarity and certainty


PS if we do decide to offer this service, we won't have capacity until Autumn 2017 at the earliest, it is more likely to be Januray 2018 - don't clear space on your retail shelves just yet.


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