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Me? Teach? Oh yes please

Me? Teach? Oh, yes please….

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I love teaching – it is my favourite part of my job, along with chatting (the two are connected for me) and, to my great delight, I have been asked to teach our accredited Post-Graduate Diploma in Oncology Aromatherapy in London on 8-9th  July 2017.  There are two contact days during this four day course. We require pre-course learning to be completed before these course dates and at least 3 case studies to be completed afterwards.
I don’t get to teach often and I am pleased to be asked. Would you like to join me? We have a few places left. I will have to stay over, we can all go out for some after school refreshment. I think the course will be held on Harley Street, a short walk from Oxford Street – shall we have a long shopping lunch? Are you beginning to see why I am not often asked to teach?
We will cover oils that are useful during treatment for cancer, those that should not be used, methods of administration, the usual therapeutic blending that we aroma therapists are taught as well as blending according to the energy of the essential oils and their chemistry.
We will look at typical conditions experienced as a side-effect of treatment for cancer and learn how to work with your client to create a therapeutic blend.
As always, the course information is referenced, based in research and evidence. Basically, we get to blend for two days – there is a lot of theory, the course notes are comprehensive to say the least and will form a really useful reference document for use during your future work.  The emphasis remains on blending essential oils and aromatherapy formulas to help those living with and beyond cancer.
I can’t wait! I love this course. Writing the course materials was super enjoyable for me (I know, I am an aromatherapy geek). I am very proud of the content of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Oncology Aromatherapy.

That’s enough effusive excitement – I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

The boss has told me that I have been neglecting Scotland. I apologise – Scotland – have a free massage oil if you book our Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Massage on 18th April 2017 before 31 March 2017.

Finally, I did say that having a quiet week would result in lots of ideas, watch this space – there will be lots and lots of new products and new courses landing soon. One of the new qualifications will allow you to run practical skin care making workshops for your clients.  The products made during the workshop under your (soon to be expert) tutelage will be of a professional standard and clients will REALLY enjoy the course (we know they will as we have been having some sneaky practice sessions).
I had hoped to launch the new qualifications this week BUT an enormous order thwarted our plans. We all ran screaming to the lab to check stock levels, immediately forgetting about finalising the course materials.
We will have some very generous launch offers that include a low cost accredited train the trainer qualification.  Please let us know if you would like detailed information as soon as it is available (rather than when I next remember to include it in a newsletter). If you want to get a head start and take the accredited train the trainer qualification now (or have taken it with us in the past) we will make sure you benefit from the offers when they are available.
What a long email, I was a mum taxi until 0030 this morning. I am a ‘like to be tucked up by 2130’ girl. 0030 was a feat of extreme endurance for me, I have no idea how I have survived the day without a nap, never mind concentrated for long enough to write this many words.
Sending early nights……..



Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Holistic Health NEC 21 & 22 May 2017

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