Balance and Gratitude

It is not hard to be happy when working in the field of skincare for cancer patients and helping others by providing oncology therapy training.

Posted on Mar 08 2018

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Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress

The industry is reeling after hearing of a client feeling discriminated against when being turned away from a Centerparcs spa treatment. The wish of those living with and beyond cancer to feel ‘normal’ is the reason I developed our accredited oncology qualifications for spas and individual therapists.

Posted on Feb 28 2018

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I am teaching - join me - oncology facials master class

I discover that I am teaching in Manchester 5-6 March – would you like to join me? The Holistic Trinity Post-Graduate Diploma gives you three facials qualifications. This will be the first delivery of the Jennifer Young Essential Crystal Scalp & Facial Therapy(that’s why I am being dusted off and wheeled out).

Posted on Feb 22 2018

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I love the NHS.

I love the NHS not only because of their involvement in the creation of our specialist skincare for cancer patients and unwavering support thereafter. I love the NHS as they saved my daughter this week.

Posted on Feb 21 2018

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