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Gifts for cancer patients - Part 2

Gifts for cancer patients – Part 2

 by Jennifer Young


As I said in Buying gifts for cancer patients Part 1, buying gift is a tricky procedure. It requires serious consideration when the person you want to buy for is affected by cancer. I have been told that ‘Get Well Gifts’ can cause offence, if the person to whom they are given does not feel as though they will get better. Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for cancer patients are less controversial as are ‘thinking of you’ gifts.


If you come and visit us at Guys Cancer Centre you can see our gift menu. I thought a lot about our experiences in spas and online and brought together the best of the best.


We have lots of gift sets available in our shop – our most popular gift sets are covered in gifts for cancer patients Part 1. Here I look at individual items rather than gift sets


Soothing Skin Oil £17.50 


Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil is our best seller, by miles. However, the imaginative title does not lend itself to gift giving. As someone very wise once said, ‘It is like giving a gift of Canesten’  A quick Google told me that this was not very appealing and I decided to offer the same product with a less descriptive label.

We have many fantastic testimonials about Itchy Skin Oil – this is my favourite  "This worked brilliantly for me I would itch so much that I would bleed but this really relieved it ????"


Personally, I would have no issue at all with giving a gift of Itchy Skin Oil – I created a different label as I could not rid myself of the association. I think Itchy Skin Oil says so much to the person receiving the gift, not least that you have listened to them and have had the thought and compassion to find something to deal with exactly their concerns. The cancer patients we worked with to create the Defiant Beauty Collections wanted this oil to be called Itchy Skin Oil. That’s good enough for me.


Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh £20

This spritz for body and face was created at the request of my friend Fiona.

‘I just remember lying in hospital after my surgery, hardly able to move and feeling very hot and uncomfortable, all I wanted was something to spray all over that would cool me down, but I was worried about what was in the products that I had. I just wanted something natural and refreshing - there was nothing.’


Fiona was not alone – Cool & Refresh is one of our most popular products – it is used on scalps, faces and bodies across the country and we get rave reviews.


Love it, instant cooling, helping my hot flushes and the gentle fragrance it uplifting too, I carry it everywhere.



Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Mositurise £15

I wanted to make the Defiant Beauty products as multi-tasking as possible. I am very aware that finances can be a concern when diagnosed with cancer and who wants to buy three products when one will do? Not me….


In that spirit, Cleanse & Moisturise is a cleansing balm (used to cleanse the skin, remove make-up etc) that will leave the skin moisturised after the balm is removed. It is also a healing balm for use on very dry skin. This is the product for dry patches or eczema and psoriasis. I always suggest that it is used as a take off product first of all, and then re-applied as a leave on if the skin is still dry and tight. Most clients find that the skin becomes less needy when the Cleanse and Moisturise has been used for a period of time.


“I am really liking the Cleansing Balm my skin is much softer already and I haven’t needed to use any moisturiser yet. It has stayed soft all day.”



Defiant Beauty Nail Oil £12

Studies have found that a natural nail oil applied three times a day can reduce the nail damage caused by chemotherapy1.2- it is not only scientists that have made this discovery…..


Wow wow and wow!!! You are probably think not another gushing review, but I always speak the truth. This product is amazing . I thought it was just coincidental, my nails instantly felt firmer, but I bought the product for my mum and she said the exact same. Sinc my cancer, hydro and instant menopause my nails are awful, they split and break, sometimes even get chalky and crumbly. I have been usi the oil for only a few day but already have results, they haven't peeled or crumbled and have actually grown!! Normally it takes weeks to get any growth when my nails are bad. I have taken pics of my nails before and will post one after a week, it is amazing xxxxx


I have only used the Nail Oil three times so far but my finger and toe nails are already looking wonderful. I lost all my finger nails (they fell off in matching pairs - bizarre or what?) due to chemo and my GP couldn't prescribe a treatment because of health risks. I thought I was just going to have live with the fungal infection. But the change in appearance is fantastic. As everyone knows, these minor improvements are so important and mean the world as we struggle on. Thank you Jennifer.


Hand Care Kit £50

I know I said that I wouldn’t include gift sets as they have been covered in gifts for cancer patients part 1 but I had to sneak one in. This gift set contains Defiant Beauty Nail Oil in addition to Recognise Yourself, Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm and a gorgeous wash bag. Recognise Yourself – a well-being and beauty guide for cancer patients – contains lots of advice about nail and hand care during treatment for cancer.

Healing Hand Balm is one of the most popular products at Guys Cancer Centre. It smells divine (I might be biased) as it is lightly fragranced with Frankincense, Neroil and Orange essential oils, all known for their rejuvenating properties.



Another long gift guide – I think these guides to gifts for cancer patients might be better written by someone with less enthusiasm for skincare and helping those affected by cancer to recognise themselves.


Part 3 – Guide to Gifts for cancer patients coming soon….’tis the season.





1   Cancer Care, Inc, 2008. Caring for Your Skin During Cancer Treatment. [online] Available at: <http://www.cancercare.org/publications/76-caring_for_your_skin_during_cancer_treatment> [Accessed 24 August 2012].

2. Thomas, R., 2011. Lifestyle and Cancer The Facts: Learn how to live stronger for longer. 2nd ed. s.l.: Health Education Publications, p. 218.

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