Gifts for cancer patients - Part 1

Gifts for cancer patients – part 1

  By Jennifer Young


Buying gifts is a tricky procedure; at least it is for me. It becomes even harder when the person you want to buy for is affected by cancer. Get Well Gifts for cancer patients can cause offence; luckily, birthday gifts for cancer patients and Christmas gifts for cancer patients are less controversial.


You can always replace a ‘get well gift’ with a thinking of you gift for someone living with or beyond cancer.


When I opened the Boutique Salon at Guys we developed a ‘Gift Menu’.  I am often asked about appropriate gifts for cancer patients and I knew that the visitors, friends and family accompanying cancer patients would need some pointers.


We have lots of gift sets available in our shop – these are our most popular


The Scalp Care Kit RRP £80.50 Set price £55


I realise that it has to be the right moment for someone diagnosed with cancer to be offered this gift, but, if the timing is right, this scalp care kit is very well received. It contains advice about caring for a scalp as well as the scalp care products needed to ensure a smooth, soft, happy scalp.


The Defiant Beauty Cleanse and Moisturise cleans the scalp whilst gently moisturising, the Cool and Refresh tones the skin, adding hydration. This spritz is 100% organic, lightly scented and can be used as a cooling spritz for the body and face as well as the scalp. 


The gentle exfoliating sponge will remove flaking, dry skin, further softening the scalp and leaving it less prone to breakouts. I suggest that one uses the Cleanse and Moisturise to cleanse, the exfoliating sponge to remove the dry skin and the Cool and Refresh to tone, cool and calm.


Finally, apply the Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil further moisturises. This natural oil can also be used as calming oil whenever the scalp feels itchy or sore.


This is what one of our delighted clients said about the Jennifer Young Scalp Care Kit


“I just received my order 3 days ago. I have used the cleanse and moisturize and the itchy skin oil every night before bed, along with the cooling scalp spray multiple times a day. This stuff is AMAZING. I'm so glad I found this stuff on a random search of the Internet at 2am while I couldn't sleep. I will never again use anything else on my healing head and face.

Thank you!!”



The Hospital Comfort Kit £99



This gift set contains the basics needed for a hospital stay – a good read, a cooling spray (hot flushes and hospital heating – never the best combination) and a lip balm and a lovely bag, big enough to hold all of the above, PJ’s, slippers and a bunch of grapes (not included).


The Beauty Collection  RRP £62.50 Gift Price £45


This is a BARGAIN –that could be the reason that it is one of our best selling gift sets but I like to think that it is bought so frequently as it is filled with exactly the right combination of skincare for cancer patients – making it the perfect gift for someone going through chemotherapy.


The Beauty Collection contains a gorgeous organic cotton wash bag, Defiant Beauty Cleanse and Moisturise, an indulgent and gentle moisturising cleansing balm, our anti-aging Defiant Beauty Serum and my favourite lip balm.


Even better, choose the Enhanced Beauty Collection and we will add a Defiant Beauty Mineral Foundation and a Defiant Beauty Colour Corrector as well as a copy of Recognise Yourself.


The Defiant Beauty Body Gift Set RRP £70 Gift Price £55



“I recently purchased the body collection for my niece who is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She loves all the products in the collection but especially the Itchy Skin Oil. Her comments were that it was amazing as it stops the itching immediately. She uses it night and day and it lasts for ages.

I would like to say thank you to you for helping her through such a difficult time.”


The Body Gift Set contains a wide range of Defiant Beauty products, many of which can be used on the face as well as the body. Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil is far and away our number one best seller. We have glowing testimonials about it on an almost daily basis, you can see most of them on our Facebook page.


In addition to Itchy Skin Oil this gift set contains Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh, a cooling spritz which can be used on body and face, Defiant Beauty Nail Oil (one drop will be enough for both hands) and Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil, one of our more indulgent oils, formulated for use on scarred skin. Smooth Skin oil is lightly fragranced with the essential oils Sandalwood, Neroli and Mandarin – all known for their rejuvenating properties.



What a lot of ideas – I have more but this is one long blog….Gifts for cancer patients Part 2 is needed…..coming soon.


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