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Eyebrows: How to...

Eyebrows: How to...


Eyebrows can be an important feature on someone’s face or make up routine. Chemotherapy can cause you to lose hair within the eyebrows or lose all the hair completely, but not to worry - there are simple techniques you can master to create fuller look brows or mimic the look of eyebrows completely.

As I write this I’ll hold my hands up and admit my eyebrows are far from perfect. They suffer from a lack of hair, a lack of shape and are very fair in colour - I use this method to create this every day eyebrow look.




Firstly you need to find an eyebrow powder that suits you by choosing a colour that matches well with your hair colour or skin tone. Our cosmetic range offers a product called Brush a Brow; this is a mineral powder made especially for the brows and allows you to choose from a variety of different colours.  This particular powder is very light, making it feel weightless on the face and avoiding irritation. This mineral powder is specially made to be long lasting, so you don’t have to keep checking if product has faded throughout the day. Secondly, find an angled brush or eyebrow brush to apply the mineral powder with. Finally, you must work out what kind of eyebrow style suits your face. Everyones face shape is different; face shapes include oval, square, heart, diamond, long and round. You can create your brow shape by following these three simple steps:

  1. Take an eyebrow brush or pencil and position it in line with the side of your nose and the corner of your eyes. This will indicate where your eyebrows should start.
  2. While keeping the brush by the side of your nose, tilt the brush to be in line with the outside of your iris (the coloured part of the eye) to show where your brow should arch.
  3. Finally, move the brush from the outside of the iris in line with the corner of your eye. This will be where your eyebrow should end.

Once you’ve found your style of brow and what powder you will be using you can begin creating or filling in those amazing brows. Start by getting a small amount of eyebrow powder onto your brush; remember to tap off any excess powder whenever you’re applying more product to avoid fall out and ruining any other makeup. Begin to draw out the bottom line of the brow to act as a guide for where the brow should be. By using upwards strokes, slowly and gently blend out this line to avoid the harsh line ‘fake’ look. Upwards strokes can be used to apply powder to the inner of the brow, and use sideways strokes the further you get towards the centre and end of the brow. Remember to mimic the look of the natural hair growth and not to use too much product, you can always build up colour if they aren’t dark or full enough for your liking. Avoid creating your arch too high as this will mimic a permanent frowning face. Also try not to curve the arch too much, look at images of other people’s brows and how they arch to maintain that natural looking eyebrow. 


If this process sounds too complicated, our shop also offers a Brush a Brow and Wax set, this product includes your mineral powder, wax and stencils. Stencils can be very easy and quick to use to create the perfect brow. Simply position your chosen stencil on the face where the eyebrow would be and again adding small amounts of powder simply fill in the empty space of the stencil, this will give you the shape of the desired eyebrow without the fuss.

Finally, use the Brush a Brow wax on an angled brush to seal and set your new brows. By taking small amounts of wax and working it gently into the brows, starting from the arch and tail then working it up to the start of the brow. Alternatively, you can use a clean and unused mascara wand to also work the wax into the brows. This will also brush the hair into the correct position or can also be used to blend out any product or harsh lines by using gentle strokes. For that final finishing touch use concealer on a small brush to finish off the eyebrows. Gently apply and blend out concealer around the brow as this will define the eyebrows making them appear more polished while also hiding any mistakes or fall out from the product.

Remember; don’t be disheartened if you can’t follow these steps straight away, Practice makes perfect! Even the best makeup artists took time to create good eyebrows, often changing their technique to best suit them. This is also only a quick starter guide on how to mimic eyebrow hair; you can develop your own techniques from this to achieve your desired look. But don’t forget, love yourself and how you look and use simple techniques such as these to find inspiration for confidence which may be lacking. 


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