Why did we start our beauty despite cancer online community?

Why did we start our beauty despite cancer online community?

Why did we start our Beauty Despite Cancer online community?

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Beauty Despite Cancer has started an online chat room/community for cancer patients to discuss their skin concerns and solutions. We know that there are lots of you with stories to tell and that you all think you are the only one. We take lots of calls from lovely cancer patients wanting a bit of advice about the best Defiant Beauty Product to use given their skin condition. We love to hear from you and sometimes those chats are the highlight of our day. We meet such wonderful people on the phone or via email and are forever touched by your kindness in taking the time out of your days to contact us.

I have been told how ‘it looks like dandruff’ when I take my clothes off and how ‘there is a shower of confetti when I take my PJ’s off’ and how itchy and hot it is under a wig and how you can’t use the skincare that you used to use as it hurts and how you want beauty products but can’t find any without plant oestrogens or parabens.

I am always honoured to be trusted with this information and it is a privilege to be able to help. I wondered if it would be at all useful to start an online community so that you all know you are not alone. I know you are not as you are all talking to me but you might not be talking to each other.

As ever, that thought led to some research and, guess what? There is a body of evidence to show that being involved in a community such as http://beautydespitecancer.healthunlocked.com/ has a significant impact on psycho-social well-being. In other words, it makes you feel better. This is a link to one of the papers showing the benefits http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1083-6101.2005.tb00268.x/full

Please join our community and support each other. You have so much more experience to share than you know. This community is for you. We are there to help out with skincare queries, if we are needed, but, mostly, it's over to you.

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