Gifts for Cancer Patients

Gifts for Cancer Patients

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Gifts for Cancer Patients

You often tell us how you want to buy a gift for a friend or relative that has been diagnosed with cancer but you just don’t know what to buy.

There are so many side-effects to treatment that gift buying can be difficult - smell and taste can be affected by treatment, clothes may well fit differently, energy levels are sometimes changed. Some clients even tell us that they don’t like chocolate anymore.

By now, you surely know all about Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young , specialist skincare for cancer patients. This is our blog, of course, we are going to suggest the range as perfect gifts for cancer patients.  However, it’s our best guess that, as you are reading this, the skin care is in the basket and you are looking for something to accompany the gift collection into the waiting arms of your forever grateful friend (they will be forever grateful, it’s a rule).

Internet searches and blog reading have informed us of what not to buy – a kitten and a curry are the most memorable, well-intentioned, but wide of the mark gifts found during our search.  The advice was mostly don’t buy, rather than ‘this is amazing’ so we have put on some thinking caps and these are our well intentioned and hopefully, not wide of the mark, suggestions for amazing gifts for cancer patients (in no particular order and mostly for ladies, sorry guys, we’ll blog again about gifts for male cancer patients).


Beauty and Glamour

Chic Compressions

Our clients tell us that this is much missed – there is nothing glam about chemo and other treatments for cancer. Chic Compressions do bring chic to hospital wards. Have a look at just how stylish compression wear can be (you will have to trust on this one).


This can be tricky, be very careful about the kind of pampering that you gift. Not only do you have the added complication of fragrance aversion, many beauty and complementary therapies are contra-indicated during treatment for cancer. Don’t despair, many are not and some hospitals and clinics have in-house salons and treatment rooms. Pampering is wonderful at all times, but especially valued during treatment – just make sure you decide upon a professional who knows how to pamper cancer patients.

A Beautiful Designer Hat

There are lots of hats and bandanas designed for chemo patients. This one is designed by Joyce Riding and some of the proceeds are donated to Christies Manchester.

You can read more about it in the Manchester Evening News.


Chocolate – but not any old chocolate - Raw Chocolate

We speak to lots of clients and we know that chocolate falls from the list of favourites pretty quickly BUT not raw chocolate. You tell us that you miss the normality of life and more of you can enjoy raw chocolate than can tolerate high street chocolate. It is a very different taste and you won’t be able to eat much of it.

Our favourite raw chocolates are from MULU , enJOY (which you can find in our shop) and Mr Popple’s.






Treatment for cancer requires a lot of time spent sitting around. Electronic gadgets are expensive but if you are able to buy someone a tablet, DS, smart phone-it will keep them busy. If you can’t afford to buy one as a gift, perhaps you could lend yours to the patient?


They don’t have to be new. New or used, everyone loves magazines - don’t they?

If the person that you are buying a gift for wants to take control of their recovery, or learn more about the research relating to cancer treatment, you may want to buy them a subscription to ICON Magazine  Icon is the magazine from Cancer Active and it is freely available in many hospitals and clinics. If you gift subscription access to all back copies is available online and forum membership is included.

Cancer 21 is another cancer specific magazine, freely available in hospitals and clinics with a subscription available.


Not the most inspired gift idea but there’s a double benefit – if you buy your books for gifting from a charity shop, you are gifting twice. 



If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know. We always love to hear from you and we will share your comments. 


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