Getting you through the colder months

Getting you through the colder months

Getting you through the colder months 

By Maggie Brown 

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Here's some more skincare and life style advice to get you through the colder months

  • Drink nettle tea in the morning to calm and cleanse the liver and warm the kidneys
  • Follow with a morning facial massage, which helps to drain toxins from the skin. Using facial oil is the best way to do this - facial oils are wonderfully nourishing as their molecular structure has affinity with the skin.  Choose an organic brand and use lovingly.
  • Moisturise your skin well to protect it from the elements – you will be in and out of central heating all day and the changes in moisture and temperature play havoc with our skin. I recommend to my patients that they carry a small bottle of my facial oil with them, so that they can apply it when needed.
  • It is essential in the winter to keep hydrated, and the most effective way to do so is to drink plenty of therapeutic, warming herbal teas - find a tea that you love and drink it throughout the day. The warmth will stablise your core.
  • Eat warming foods.
  • According to Chinese Medicine, the organ system associated with winter is the Kidney system, which stores our life energy.  In winter it is important to nourish the Kidney system via the Stomach system. Vegetable soups, root vegetables, brown rice and adzuki beans are good for the kidneys. 
  • Always make sure that you keep the area of your back which relates to the location of your kidneys warm.
  • No matter how tired you are, always, always cleanse your skin!
  • Follow cleansing with a facial oil to repair whilst you sleep, when cell regeneration is at its optimum. Take time to massage the oil well into your face – massage is a fabulous way to drain away toxins and encourage fresh revitalising blood to the face. If you are having an evening at home you can treat your skin to a treatment oil.

Take time to enjoy the winter, a time for nesting and deep reflection.  Look ahead to the spring... it is not far away!

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