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Positivity-week 4

The fourth instalment of blogs by the wonderful CB, newly diagnosed with breast cancer and back to hear the results of some tests.

Posted on Sep 06 2013

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More positivity

The third instalment of blogs by the wonderful CB, newly diagnosed with breast cancer and on a mission to go organic and ditch the microwave.

Posted on Aug 23 2013

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Caring for your hair during treatment for cancer

Caring for your hair during treatment for cancer can be very challenging and causes great concern. There are organisations that can help and this blog is written by one of the charities working in this field.

Posted on Aug 16 2013

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Our next instalment of positivity

The second instalment of blogs by the wonderful CB, newly diagnosed with breast cancer and off on her holidays. CB, it seems, likes to surprise.

Posted on Aug 02 2013

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Positivity in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis

Many thanks to CB, one of our amazing clients. CB called our offices with a query about delivery and was persuaded to write a blog for us (let that be a lesson to you all). CB's outlook is so positive and determined, we hope you enjoy reading about it.

Posted on Jul 26 2013

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Introducing the Defiant Beauty Cosmetics Range

It is here! Well nearly. The long-awaited and much-requested cosmetics range will be available to all within weeks. The colours have been chosen, the brushes tested and the ingredients deliberated over. The feedback from the testers is overwhelmingly positive-so positive in fact that it is possible that we will be sold out before we launch!

Posted on Jul 24 2013

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Why do you have to pay more for insurance when your treatment is over and how to look after your skin in the sun

People have various reactions when they are diagnosed with cancer, but one thing generally everyone who is diagnosed has in common is looking forward to a holiday when the treatment is over. However this can come with its own problems, such as trying to find affordable travel insurance. I set up 'Insurancewith' after my own diagnosis with breast cancer and being unable to find a travel insurance policy which would cover my cancer at an affordable premium.

Posted on Jul 19 2013

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Nail Damage during Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Some of the drugs used to treat breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and womb cancer cause damage to the nails as a side-effect of treatment. The nails may grow throughout treatment but have ridges that coincide with each chemotherapy treatment. The nail bed can be damaged by treatment and some nails may drop off. This can happen to finger nails and toe nails.

Posted on Jul 07 2013

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